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The plot of land on which the distillery will be built was clear cut logged near the turn of the century.   And evidence of this is found all over the property from stumps that have yet to rot away to the steel cables used to haul trees and the road they were hauled on. We have even found the remains of a 19teens automobile on the land.   After this the forest has tried to recover. While the trees have been regrowing over the last nearly 100 years cattle have wandered the land.  The exact site of the distillery was once a pen where Cowboys would heard cattle from all over the mountain for branding and trucking to market. Their barbed wire and leftovers from cowboy barques stand in testimate to this.   While cattle still roam the land freely it has been a while since this cattle pen was used.   For decades during the 60s,70s, 80s, and 90s people came from the neighboring towns to have bonfires.  The fire rings and left over trash we had to clean up proves this pretty clearly.   In the early 2000s the land was bought by the Kreeger family and they were the first to settle this little area bringing in power and phone lines, and improving the road. Shortly after that they built a home the first on the new road and named the road after themselves. 

In 2014 Patrick Kreeger the son of Wit and Margaret Kreeger decided his life goal was to build a business that allowed him to live in this beautiful place and used it's remote location as a asset.  He decided a distillery was the way to go as a well aged spirit takes on the character location it was distilled in aged in and this land has one hell of a character.    He made plans for a building one that would stand as long as possible a place where when people sip the spirits made there they could think of it being clean, warm and in-tune with history and nature.    The building pays homage to the past while still being of its time.  The stills were picked to be the best that American craftsmen could make and are a thing of beauty as well as function. 

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